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lawmakers begin returning to washington today, with one thought negotiating pull the nation back from attacks and spending crisis. [ inaudible ]
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good morning i'm thomas this morning. and i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. a 20-year-old driver under arrest for felony dui after investigators say the car he was driving flew off an over pass on to the freeway in contra costa county in pinole on appian way on i-80. live picture at the scene traffic moving fine now, the scene is clear. what happened was shocking the driver went through the concrete barrier, 25 feet over that over pass on to the interstate. the 20-year-old driver and 21-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries. this picture sent by the fire department shows what is left of the dodge durango. the driver was heading
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southbound on appian way he hit the guardrail off the overpass landed on the roof of the car. san francisco police still looking for a man they say tried to ram an officer with a car. place telled to stop the man after he was suspected of breaking into a vehicle yesterday afternoon. he ran into a construction site after getting out of his car police dog joined the search for the man inside the unfinished building at third street, officers surrounded the building for a short time before discovering he was no loer there. president obama meets this week with labor groups and business leaders to get input on how to solve the looming fiscal cliff before he speaks to congressional leaders friday. sergio quintana has more on what leaders need to do and what the nation faces. >> reporter: nancy pelosi spent this veterans day mixing and mingling with people at the presidio. >> we have a deficit that we have to deal with.
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we have to do it with growth creation of jobs cuts we all know that also with revenue. >> reporter: she will be returning to capitol hill with plans to push a deal backed by president obama, that will include tax hikes on wealthier households. republicans have already started digging in. >> raising tax rates will slow our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> reporter: what are the consequences if lawmakers cannot make a deal? >> fiscal live is bad -- physical cliff is bad if it happens. >> reporter: if scheduled cuts are imposed 400,000 government jobs tied to defense spending could be slashed. 400,000 jobs tied to nondefense spending could be eliminated. when it comes to taxes, all rates are scheduled to rise. >> at one point we had higher taxes what we are talking about transitioning from low taxes to high taxes so the immediate effect is, everyone has less income and spend less
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there's a hit in 2013. >> reporter: governor brown said the country could learn from california voters, prop 30 passed hiking sales taxes and raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more. >> our credibility as a governing, a nation that can govern itself is on the chopping block. yes, cuts going forward of certain commitments, that has to be embraced so also is revenue, revenue means taxes. >> reporter: sergio quinn tan that, abc7 news. in a -- few hours free event in oakland will offer help for struggling homeowners banks are participating in a clinic, homeowners can get help with loan moderation -- modifications and other options. the clinic opens 10 this morning at oakland marriott convention center. go to update on story we brought
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last week missing historic cross found in the bay area has been resurrected in the mojave desert. the land became federal property in '94 and the cross became the center of a legal dispute cut off at the base and vanished two years ago. last week it was found in san mateo county and the cross was rededicated yesterday. there are still questions surrounding the sudden resignation of cia director petraeus over an affair. we heard about his lover, also his biographer. we are learning another woman, a petraeus family friend is at the heart of the investigation that led to the revelation. rob nelson fills us in. >> reporter: petraeus' secret
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affair may have remained secret if not for the threatening e-mails his lover sent to this woman, jill kell low, wife of a tampa surgeon and long time supporter of the military. officials say she's was not romantically involved with petraeus but a family friend. she contacted the fbi after receiving threatening e-mails there were concerns that the e-mails had been hacked. >> the initial complain was harassment, it could have gone to e-mail hacking but there is no substantive information that this had anything to do with national security. >> reporter: those e-mails were linked back to paula broadwell who had access to petraeus in afghanistan as his biographer. the 40-year-old broadwell lives in north carolina with her husband and two kids avid runner and says they ed over their shared mental and physical discipline during her trips to afghanistan to interview him. -- >> it was an opportunity to be interview him on a run i
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thought i would test him, buts was go to test me >> reporter: despite amount of time they spent together petraeus is claiming the affair did not begin in afghanistan, but after he retired from the military in august 2011. one week later, he became director of the cia, he carried on at fair during most of his tenure at the cia. friends say petraeus ended the affair four months ago the same time kelly received those threatening e-mails. rob nelson, abc news, new york. a family hopes you can help them fan a missing woman who suffers from alzheimer's. she was last seen driving away from her home thursday afternoon. she is 5'6, 220 pounds. police say she was last seen driving a white 20 lexus gs. it appears the car had a full
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tank of gas so she may have drive haven't a long distance from her home. election officials still hand-counting provisional ballots to determine a winner the supervisor's race. school board president was leading by 29 votes saturday. by yesterday that slim lead narrowed to 20 votes, more than 22,000 ballots have been counted in the rank choice race that covers the area west of twin peaks to the zoo. san leandro's new garage opens today with city leaders and merchants hoping it will boost business downtown the four story garage offers nearly 400 spaces. 50% larger than the 19 70s era garage it replaced. san leandro's mayor say it will play a critical role
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enhancing downtown shopping. some off today for the holiday. >> mike is your one-stop source. i would plan outdoor activities warmer today, a little shower now moving through the north bay that is a little bit moving through the north bay it is going to keep moving heading towards vacaville, dixon, davis, wood land, possibly sacramento the bulk of the storm is north, we are on the tail end that front going to stall to our north and keep sprinkle in the north bay today and tomorrow the rest of us high clouds and sunshine thyme of the year when you have cold air in valleys warmer air rides over it creates high clouds that's what we will have this afternoon starting in the 30s, 40s upper 30s to mid 40s this morning cool east bay valleys where frost is forming for the third day if a row high clouds and sun 50s noon upper 50s to
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near 60 4:00 chilly quick cooling by 7:00 most of us in the upper 40s to near 50 low to mid 60s maybe a few areas hit upper 60s next three days rain stays north tomorrow mild wednesday and die thursday during the day thursday night into -- dry thursday during the day, thursday night into friday next chance of widespread showers. hoping for a veterans day holiday light so far living up to that macarthur maze 80 coming through, 580 looking good, highway 80 everybody is moving at the limit as you reach the toll plaza or points beyond, golden gate bridge looking great southbound no problems, fog-free, no delays at the tolls or doyle drive as you head into san francisco one problem spot train number 1, ace out of the central valley delayed 10 minutes all mass transit on the sunday
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schedule today because of the holiday, we don't have any other delays system ward everybody else on time. drive times still -- great central valley 580, highway 4 good towards concord and 242, 80 east shore at the limit from the carquinez bridge into the maze. next, as the search for survivors continues, dramatic new video of the panic in the streets in the minutes after major quake hit myanmar. tiny survivor firefighters discovered as they battled raging wildfire in australia >> big honor for bay area science students. >> first here's this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: pilots are about to retire others are taking jobs with foreign airlines that pay better, new rules
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next summer will make it more difficult to here replacements. veterans say greatest challenge is finding a job military skills often don't translate well into civilian jobs. president obama promised to improve the jobs' picture for veterans. skyfall earned 88 million dollars, biggest of any of the 23 bond
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welcome back. embarcadero ferry building, bay bridge part of looks like a nice start to the morning chilly once again by the afternoon warmer weather on the way we'll need the umbrellas towards the end of the week. 5:15. new video out of myanmar this morning shows panicked shoppers rushing out of stores during a powerful quake. this is a shopping district where everyone survived the 6.8 quake yesterday. in other parts of the country as many as a dozen people died when a bridge and a gold mine collapsed. historic buddhist gazas also toppled. -- pagodas also toppled. fire broke out near port lincoln in south australia
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yesterday the worst fire season in decades. >> a what la bear injured in that -- a koala bear injured, a local man is spotted the animal sitting in the debris of a burnt tree in a scorched field the man gave the koala water before it was taken to a local hospital for treatment. new study says climate change has the wild arabica coffee plant headed for extinction. scientists ran models on global warming scientists say if worst estimates come true in 68 years there would be nowhere on earth suitable for wild coffee plans to go. -- plants to grow. it could mean extinction of even being grown on farms. solution of global warming could from the minds after y
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a june juror from san jose and sophomore from palo alto advancing to the -- national finals -- [ unintelligible ] >> we took a look at cancer cells and investigated protein we could like to use it for treatment for future lung cancer patients. >> they won a $ ,000 scholarship. top prize -- won a $6,000 scholarship. a lot of kids are off today. [ unintelligible ] looks good, warmer, nice time to rake leaves maybe or
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mow the lawn. >> is that what your kids are doing? >> no knows, they are supposed to i left them a list. i pay 'em, i do. 5:18, good morning. maybe they should spend a little time learning more about veterans and watching stuff about that, that would be nice too. looking down from sutro tower all wait over to the east bay hills this morning, high clouds, radar returns on live doppler in the north bay most of the morning now moving into the central valley, no report of anything making it to ground the air is too dry and now the clouds are leaving temperatures are dropping back into the 30s in the north bay again. 38 napa, fairfield 36, clouds are over you now 38 concord, 36 livermore, looks like we are going to have frost in some of our inland east bay valleys. half moon bay 41.
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most of us in the low to mid 40s, san francisco 48. 34 gilroy, low 40s santa cruz and salinas. chilly this morning, need that heavy coat, warmer by the afternoon, won't need that heavy coat, warmer days on the way today through thursday unsettled weather chance of rain friday, better chance with bigger storm, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. today out of the 50s into the 60s oakland, san francisco, -- most of us in the low to mid 60s high clouds and sun this afternoon, mid to upper 50s coast. monterey bay low to mid 60s mid 60s inland more sunshine high clouds won't be as prevalent tonight upper 30s mid 40s inland low to upper 40s bay to the coast storm
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track up to our north where going to stay today, tomorrow and through most of the week high pressure builds slow warming of temperatures through thursday, chance of rain friday break saturday another chance sunday through tuesday with cooler weather. san jose highway 87 northbound very light no problems headlights past hp pavillion on the left of the freeway. bay bridge toll, light no issues, no problems upper deck incline and towards treasure island everything at the limit san rafael light tail lights past civic center towards north san pedro towards lincoln no problem over the waldo grade into san francisco golden gate bridge clear. earlier i said mass transit was on a sunday schedule, not true, regular schedule today, yesterday being sunday today
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they are back on regular schedule with ace train 10 minute delay out of central valley a look at more popular drive times out of santa rosa to novato 680 to the dublin pleasanton junction under 20 minutes nimitz freeway towards 23815 minutes from the maze. judge judy is the toughest talking judge on daytime television today she holds court on katie she admits to being technologicalally challenged and never -- uses a computer. >> they said how can you have a website? i said i can talk and somebody else can do it. i learned how to do the ipad which is friendly to a brain like mine. but i've never in myselfy years turned on a computer. >> is that like an good or wow! >> and i'm alive
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>> that's judge judy on katie at 3 p.m. right here on abc7. >> almost unbelievable. this week you will see impressive show in the sky. when and where you can see a spectacular meteor shower. rare items that fetched big bucks this weekend in a beverly hills auction.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. beautiful picture from emeryville clear air this morning from vollmer peak back to san francisco chilly temperatures for this morning warmer weather on the way in the afternoon and more rain too we'll tell you when you
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can turn the sprinkler systems back -- san jose metro area named the most doesn't area. study measuring -- most zen area. study -- 1.25 people in san jose --. the earth is passing -- [ unintelligible ] . movie history has fetched big bucks.
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judy garland's blue dress from the wizard of oz sold for $480,000. part of a two-day auction in beverly hills. bidders snapped up pieces of wedding cake, prince william and kate's cake sold for $7500, prince charles and princess diane's a little more than $1300. bay area driver off an overpass in his car and walked away. not out of hot water. 49ers' quarterback smith suffers serious concussion. what he will have to do before he can return to the feel. -- to the field.
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>> reporter: goo morning i'm amy hollyfield live in alameda workers on strike are happy to hear that raley's is now back at the negotiating table with the union.
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one week into the union's strike. good morning hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. a 20-year-old driver is under arrest for felony dui after the car he was driving flew off an overpass on to the freeway in contra costa county.
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he was driving over the appian way overpass, he ended up here. check out this photo sent by the pinole fire department. the dodge ended up on its roof after crashing through the concrete guardrail above and sailing to the freeway below. the driver and 21-year-old passenger escaped with minor injuries. new developments in the weeklong strike by grocery workers of the rail lease nob hill chain. gauche -- rail lease, -- raley's nob hill chain. >> reporter: check out behind me this crew is usually working they are out on the picket line even the night manager is out here, this is where they say they planned to stay, even though talks resumed. 24 hour presence we have video from the daytime when more people are on the line. they've been on strike for a week this started last sunday.
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raley's offer included to year wage freeze that upset workers. the company says it has to cut costs to compete. with none union stores such as target and whole foods. workers say they get it but they have to make ends meet >> everybody struggles at the same time we though that they should be able to at least meet us half way >> reporter: even though talks have resumed they plan to keep pickets. union officials believe the picketing has been effective in steering customers away and getting the company's attention. both sides are back at the table. neither is saying how talks are going. they've agreed to keep that confidential. until the workers hear about an agreement they plan to stay out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. other labor news, picket lines up this morning at hostess plants nationwide,
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including one in oakland. thousands of workers on strike against hostess bakeries, three days after the company imposed a contract that will cut wages 8%. the strikes include the bakery in oakland and a plant in sacramento. hostess says products are still being made and shipped, for now the company employee 1800 workers in california. hostess filed for bankruptcy in january. president obama inviting business and labor leaders to the white this week for talks on the so-called fiscal cliff. nancy pelosi was in san francisco for a veterans day he skwrepbtd. she is returning to capitol hill to push a deal backed by the president to avoid the fiscal cliff. republicans who still control the house have already started digging in. >> raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> we have a deficit that we have to deal with. we have to do it with growth,
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creation of jobs. we have to do it with cuts, we all know that. but we also have to do it with revenue. >> if a deal with congress reached by year's end scheduled budget cuts will be imposed 400,000 government jobbed tieed to defense slashed another 400 jobs eliminated. members of congress say they want more information about the investigation into the resignation of cia director petraeus who quit last week after admitting to an extramarital relationship. senator feinstein says she has been briefed by the fbi but wants to know why the bureau didn't notify her sooner. biographer paula broad will tell who had an affair with -- paula broadwell who had affair with petraeus sent an e-mail to a woman who was not
5:35 am
involved with petraeus. >> i hate to discuss it, except to say there are a number of things that one has to consider, the first of which was there any kind of national security breach? to date, there was not. >> friends say petraeus ended the affair with broadwell four months ago the same time kelly received the threatening e-mails. police in union city investigating the death of a man found in a trash bin. a woman living discovered the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning she called authorities who rushed him no a hospital where he died. police say they are pursuing leads. 49ers' quarterback smith will have to undergo mandated evaluations and practices before the league determines if he can play in next monday night's game against the bears. smith suffered a concussion in the second quarter of
5:36 am
yesterday's game. he was leveled during a play when he was running with the ball. after that smith dove into the line of scrimmage. coach harbaugh took smith out when he complained of blurred vision. the game ended in a tie, nfl's first tie since 2008. this morning marks end of 2012 peak wildfire season in most of the bay area. calfire says so far this year california has been hit by 132 wildfires. >> i guess that means things will be damp. >> it has been getting this way maybe a little more rain. damp, cool, also things are starting to get green some of the hillsides are starting to sprout new vegetation that
5:37 am
is green unlike the brown that is sitting there all those combining to make it safer outside. chilly, frost forming in the east bay valleys, near 36 in livermore, 38, 36 fairfield, reporting station are always warmer than your neighborhood , 38 napa, 40 now santa rosa and san rafael everybody low to mid 40s los gatos 39, san francisco 48. storm track to the north close enough mendocino lake county scattered showers maybe within or two into the northern sections of sonoma and napa for the most part dry at least until friday chilly start 30s and 40s through 7:00 mid 50s high clouds and sun lunchtime then up around 60 at 4:00 back to near 50 by 7:00 if things cool quickly again as the dry air still in place during the evening rain will stay north
5:38 am
tomorrow temperatures jump a couple degrees 60s wednesday into thursday thursday during the day dry, thursday night into friday first chance of showers coming up in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. monday observing of veterans day, relatively light out there, hope it stays that way for your commute 80 east shore freeway past golden gate fields in through berkeley at the limit usually more crowded at this hour no problems macarthur maze or bay bridge toll southbound 101 through san rafael towards north san pedro and lincoln past civic center light as well as the golden gate bridge four lanes for your commute in the southbound direction no fog which is good, no traffic out of the waldo grade on to the span into san francisco one problem spot still delay train number 1 ace, out of tracy about 17 to 20 minute delay
5:39 am
because of earlier problem where a got stuck they got that out of the way, no other problems on mass transit it is on a regular schedule with deadly blast levels homes in indiana. next, the big mystery police and firefighters are trying to solve. officials begin adding up damage from superstorm sandy. the huge financial aid new york st=x
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welcome back. a few high clouds, no rain, a few frosty spots inland going to come to an end as warmer weather is on the way. forecast in a few minutes. 5:42. gilroy police are looking for a pit bull thatmĂșcj into a home and killed a pet poodle before getting away. 11-year-old sammy opened the door to let 2-year-old brother inside that's when a pit bull rushed inside. the dog pushed the girl aside and immediately attacked her poodle lacy. her grandfather intervened, but it was too late. >> would not let go until i beat my wrist, i beat my wrist and my knuckles until the dog let go. >> the family buried lacy in the backyard plainsed aid marker to
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>> geraldo:. police have been looking for the pit bull. investigators don't know what caused pwhraeuft in an indiana neighborhood that killed two people saturday night. last night neighbors held a candlelight vigil for the second grade teacher and her husband who were killed. they say it doesn't appear to have been caused by natural gas leak. new york governor cuomo plans to ask the government for 30 billion dollars in aid to recover from superstorm sandy. state officials tally the damage at more than 50 billion dollars making it the nation's second costliest storm behind hurricane katrina. nearly 67,000 hopes served by long island power authority are still without electricity. storm victims complain they are being help in the dark when it comes to getting
5:44 am
information from that utility. new problem is gawkers residents say they feel like zoo animals with so many people driving by and snapping pictures. latest victoria secret fashion show giving retailers more exposure. bloomberg business report is next >> new study out that expectant moms need to hear, next, possible link between common illness and autism. unusual financial dilemma facebook is putting lucky peninsula communities in. candlelight vigil in east bay honoring memory of 19-year-old murder victim. police are
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welcome back. clouds and rain moving through the northern part of the state scattered showers one or two may leak into the north bay other than that it is going to be quiet and warmer. low to mid 60s, -- [ inaudible ] important new health stud links flu during pregnancy to
5:48 am
autism. the study looked at nearly 97,000 children 8 to 14. they found mothers who reported having a fever or the flu for a week during pregnancy, were at least twice as likely to have a child with autism. dr. besser breaks down the new research. >> if a mother reported having flu during pregnancy, her risk of having a child with autism increased from 1% to 2%. if she reported having fever for seven days the risk went interest 1% to 23%. while it is doubling or tripling -- to 3%. while it is doubling or tripling it is still small. >> the doctor says it reinforces recommendations that all pregnant women get the flu shot. the doctor will have more on this study and whether it holds up at 7:00. another new study children have a higher risk of being hyperactive if their mothers
5:49 am
use a cell phone while carrying them. cell phone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity that was the case in mice for the study research placed a cell phone on top of cages of pregnant mice offspring were more active, memory slightly decreased. contra costa county health officials gearing up to convince smokers to quit for good this week during the 37th annual great american smoke-out. contra costa health services will offer it cans that include items such as stress balls, cinnamon sticks and coupons. health officials will offer a lung cancer screening to detect early onset lung disease to to find out where and when the screenings are and how the -- where i -- another peninsula town reaping benefits of facebook's
5:50 am
move to menlo park the company has paid atherton $350,000 to smooth overconcerns about increased traffic in that area: facebook has paid east palo alto $650,000, menlo park 1.1 million for street i am profits -- i am profits . chilly once again outside, 30s maybe our last day of frost, but it is out there emeryville you can see in the foreground back towards san francisco, clear start on our vollmer cam live doppler a few radar returns through the north bay they tried the rain and it evaporated, rose the
5:51 am
temperature up now it is plummeting back into the 30s. storm track near ukiah mainly where going to stay mendocino, lake counties, a few drips possible in the for the bay dry until friday. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s livermore, concord, fairfield, napa, los gatos, low to mid 40s elsewhere san francisco 48°. monterey bay, temperatures 39 monterey and watsonville, 34 gilroy, 41 santa cruz. here's my thinking, going to be chilly when you step out, warming trend begins this afternoon, warmer days today through thursday unsettled weather friday break saturday better chance of heavier rain sunday, monday into tuesday today compared to average cooler, warmer today one degree cooler in oakland, two livermore, three redwood city,
5:52 am
five san jose most temperatures way from the coast in the low to mid 60s today with high clouds and sun at the coast in the mid to upper 50s monterey bay low to mid 60s, mid 60s inland tonight a few 30s mainly around livermore, we'll have mainly low to mid 40s inland, a few areas upper 30s low to upper 40s around the bay out to the coast. storm track fairly healthy amount of rain towards oregon as we head into the afternoon bulk stays well north even during the overnight hours into tomorrow you can see a little more cloud cover tomorrow morning going to help temperatures also you can see we have a chance of rain friday, break saturday, better chance and cooler sunday. >> good morning. bay bridge toll, metering
5:53 am
lights off, very light conditions heading into san francisco no delays on upper deck towards treasure island, a little busy on san mateo bridge no major delays drive time between hayward and foster city in a second elsewhere ace train delay out of livermore still about 20 minute delay if you are heading pardon me out of tracy not livermore and that has been escalating in time as it is making its way down south, no other problems, observance of veterans day today all mass transit on regular schedule. drive times heading out now 101 through marin highway 85 south bay tears your san mateo bridge quickly waze app -- app shows moderate traffic 580 westbound, moderate to heavy as you make your way over the altamont pass. free app you can download it on the appear store or google play. -- the app store or google
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play. i did not order the school photos this year, a lot of parents are doing the same thing the reason surprised me. >> we'll look to jane king with this morning's bloomberg business report. if you are thinking of visiting family for the holidays you might be better off traveling over thanksgiving rather than christmas, air fares for christmastime are rising faster than for thanksgiving break. new development photo school business sales dropping 2%. the problem is the photos are old school and parents are getting their kids pictures taken by private photographers which can set you back a couple thousands. one retailer doing well victoria secret sales up 7% in the past three quarters of this year after record sales last year. analysts say the secret is the annual fashion show which gives more attention and the internet and ads.
5:55 am
last year more than 11 million viewers, most were women. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. hayward police asking for hem -- for help from anyone who knows anything about a body found in a abandoned repair shop. >> the lord is my shepard, i shall not want. >> family and friends held a candlelight vigil last night for the 19-year-old. outside the building on mission boulevard where he was found. police say he vanished early october his body was found last week. investigators say it appeared his body had been inside the shop for several days and they now consider this a homicide investigation. faa looking into a plane crash that kill two men who had taken off from salinas over the weekend. the break was found northeast of fresno along highway 168
5:56 am
headed for nebraska saturday night when it went down. the victims were identified as a 41-year-old doctor and his 67-year-old father who was a prominent omaha businessman. airline industry facing a pilot shortage. new federal mandates taking effect next summer requiring new pilots to have 1500 hours of experience, six times the current minimum. thousands of senior pilots will soon hit the mandatory retirement age of 65. add up to the most serious pilot -- it could add up to the most serious pilot shortage since the 60s. new study reveals china is diving growth in students. the number of students from other countries grew by 6% last year. nearly one quarter of those new students were from china. money is a big factor in the increase, international
5:57 am
students pay full out of state tuition without financial aid and that is attractive to the financially strapped universities. will it be back to work or picket lines for striking -- for striking raley's workers? >> the reason employees say the company is coming back to the bargaining table. michael finney reveals secrets behind shopping at goodwill the bay area stores
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